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見るだけでタメになるスピーチ 早稲田大学で講演した「大統領」「ノーベル賞受賞者」「世界的研究者」等の名スピーチ。本物の生きた英語が聞ける動画は、英語学習にもオススメです。


Stigliltz, J.E. (2007). Globalization, Development and Poverty: Contrasting Perspectives.


SPEAKER: Joseph E. Stigliltz, Economist, Professor at Columbia University

TITLE: Globalization, Development, and Poverty: Contrasting Perspectives

DATE: October 22, 2007

PLACE: Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)




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movie.gifQA1 (03:51) Does IMF have a coordination problem with other global institutions, such as World Bank or WTO?

movie.gifQA2 (04:38) How do you evaluate the strong countermeasures that Mahathir, then Prime Minister of Malaysia, took to meet the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis?


movie.gifQA3 (02:11) Do you think Japan has benefited from globalization?