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  • 36 Cat
    How time flies! It's only five days before Christmas. :)
  • 37 WENG
    Only three days before Christmas! I still have some Christmas shopping to do. My plans to set up my Christmas tree last night failed. I wish I had more 6 hours a day for this se...
  • 4 Albert
    It happens to everyone. I just shake my hair and sigh, but most of the time the other person could help you remember what you are about to say. They always say, it is easy to u...
  • 5 Lisa
    Whenever I'm in this situation, I feel frustrated and angry for not being able to remember the exact word.
  • 4 karen
    For me, Christmas is like a break from the usual routines in life. A break from being a grinch, greedy and pessimistic.
  • 5 Lisa
    Christmas for me is more of commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ and the a special day to bond with my family.
  • 2 angie
    I think there are many ways to make relationships, and you already do without sings. I think you often show yourself on this community, don't you? It's one of the ways. And I t...
  • 3 Cat
    I also ask and wait for some sort of a sign before making a decision especially if I'm in no rush to make it. Just like Karen, the weather could be a factor in the decision that...
  • karen
    • 2010/11/12 21:34 
    • Comfort Food
    • This past weekend, there were countless times I said the ...
  • 4 karen
    @ Weng: Is chocolate madeleine a flavor of a cake? @ Cat: I was addicted to cornick when I was in college. I eat nuts when I want to remember something (knowing it's a food for...
  • 5 WENG
    Chocolate madeleine is also served in other pastry shops I guess, but in De Lifrance they have coffee and green tea variant. :)
  • Cat
    • 2010/11/09 21:16 
    • Change
    • Change: this is a word that draws different kinds of reac...
  • 4 Alvin
    I would like to view change as something positive. For me, change means growth. We keep on changing for the better, or rather we choose to, whether or not others accept the way...
  • 5 Albert
    For me change is the one and only thing that is permanent in this world. I believe change is something that everyone should accept whether is good or bad. Changes happen for rea...
  • 5 karen
    This is so true Alvin. It might be entitled, "Guho" in English- "Collapse"
  • 6 WENG
    I like the title, Karen hahaha.
  • 10 karen
    I love your thoughts. I think what we're doing right now is a sort of stress reliever. Recently, I had experienced a terrible situation at work. At first, I was trying to ma...
  • 11 Annabel
    We all have our means on how to make ourself better. Things happen for a reason. We may not understand it now, but in the future, we will realize how strong we are when we ove...
  • 7 Albert
    I try to show them the exact shape of the mouth for the pronunciation and I use my index finger and thumb as the upper and lower lips, and the other index finger as the tongue f...
  • 8 Annabel
    Yeah me too. It works with r and l sounds. I've done that a couple of times. Since we have a camera, it really helps so that they can see the difference in pronouncing the two ...
  • 1 Albert
    For me, the choice between inductive and deductive depends on the subject or topic that we are going to teach. Here in our lesson flow, we follow the combination of two. F...
  • 3 karen
    I agree with you Albert. Using either of these methods require critical thinking about the factors that a teacher has to consider. The factors to consider are the ff.: learner's...


Just English!

Just English!